Rear Bumper Protector – Wraparound Bumper Protection

Bumper Protection, Leather and Suede
Camouflage leather Bumper Covers made from strong cowhide leather
Make your car stand out on the street

When I leased my latest brand-new car in summer of 2017, a Mercedes E-300, I looked for a product that would fully protect its bumper.  Seeing a small dent, or a scratch on the rear bumper of your new car after you park it on the street is very disappointing.  I had previously used other brands of bumper protection devices, but the issues I always had were that they 1) would not protect the sides of the bumper, 2) they are all bulky and, 3) they interfere with the function of the electronics placed in the rear bumper.

I was ready to pay any price for a light weight, easy to install product that would wrap around the rear bumper protector of my car and prevent it from being scratched and dented while the car is parked on the street.  I also wanted a product that is esthetic ally appealing, one that would look elegant on a high-end car. Well, as you can guess, there was no such a thing on the market.

After several days of unsuccessful searching the internet, I gave up looking.  I decided that I will custom-make what I was looking for and that is exactly what I did.  I chose to make an elegant bumper protection cover from leather.  After a few trials and fine tuning the design, I finally had the product that made me happy.  With encouragement from my family and friends, I decided to take this journey to the next natural level, i.e. to make the product available so others can also enjoy it.

The products that you see here are all hand made in New York City by one of the best leather garment manufacturers who makes products for famous brands and clothing designers.  And yes, the products are costly, simply because these are the very best of bumper covers that you can find anywhere.  Made of genuine cowhide leather, these beautifully designed bumper covers have lovely suede linings. The hooks are also covered with leather.  I am proud of the product I make.

I enjoyed the process of making something that did not exist before.  I hope that you will also enjoy them as much as I do. I have had one on my own car at all times for that past several months.  I had left it on my car under heavy rain and snow.  I sent it through car wash. The product does very well.  You let it dry and it looks amazing and functions well.

One more thing, the product does not interfere with the function of the radar emitters and signal transmission of the detectors that are all over my car’s bumper.  As a result, we even filed a patent for the product.  Good luck and I hope that you also fall in love with my products.