Luxurious Bumper Guards

Our leather bumper covers are simply the very best and most luxurious bumper guards on the market.  Proudly made in New York, our hand-crafted bumper covers make your car shine and not only provide protection for your rear bumper, they add an accent to your car - a unique personality.  You can choose a cover that matches the color of your car, or get a wild one so that you can make an statement about you and the car you drive.  Who says you cannot put a snake skin bumper cover on your rear bumper  (in production and soon available on our website).Made of best cowhide leather, these beautiful covers wrap aroung and adhere to the rear bumper of your car - either directly, or by way of hooks.   Our light weight self adhering bumper covers are best suited for dry climate, where there is low chance of heavy rain or freezing temperatures.   If you live in New York or Chicago, you need to use the covers that have hook mechanisms.Treat yourself to luxury.  Or give a luxury gift to the person you love.

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